Cozy Critters Pet Sitters and Animal Care offers the best Pet Sitting Service in Yakima and surrounding area. We care for all your Pet and animals needs From A-Z including reptiles and Barnyard pets.

Dog sitting & Walking, Cat Sitting,  Exotic Pet Care and Horse & barnyard pet care, Pooper Scooping service, Pet Transport, Meds Administered, Pet sitting includes house sitting needs. When it comes to pet sitting, we go the extra mile for your Four legged feathered or scaly friends when you need it the most.

We provide peace of mind while you’re away so you never have to worry about your pets. Just know that we will love and care for your all your pets,  dogs, cats, exotic and livestock as if they were our own. We pride ourselves on being the best pet sitters in Yakima. We have been in business 19 wonderful years!!

Pet Sitter Services

When you need pet sitter services, our goal is to provide assurance and peace of mind to you when you are away from your pets.

We have a passion for all animals and believe in honoring your furry friends with the best pet services and care we have to offer.

Let us care for all of your pets and their needs while you’re away from home. We love and care for your pets like they are our own. We will always take care of the house needs too, bring in mail and paper, alternate lights open and close curtains, water indoor and out door plants, fill bird feeders, turn on TV and radio and even take your garbage out.

Cozy Critters - Dog Sitting, a beautiful golden retriever

Dog Sitting

When you’re away and you need some dependable dog sitting, we’re here to feed, cuddle, make playtime with your pup, & pick up poop. Who’s a good boy!? Who’s a good boy!?

Cozy Critters cat sitting - a kitten staring into the camera

Cat Sitting

When you need a Cat Sitter  We Play, Feed, change water, clean litter box, let kitties in or out if allowed outside.

Cats want to stay in the comforts of their home while you’re away.

Livestock - Two horses in the snow - Cozy Critters Animal Care Pet Sitting Service

Barnyard Sitting/Horse walking

We are experienced with all Barnyard pets. All God’s creatures need love and attention, We will take care of your whole farm pets while you’re away!

Fish in a tank - Cozy Critters exotic pet sitting

Exotic Pet Sitting

We are experienced with all types of Exotic pets, Reptiles, Birds, Rodents, Fish & Insects. Visit, Feed, change water, aquarium maintenance, clean cages.**

Pooper Scooper Service - Dog scooping his poop - Cozy Critters Animal Care Sitting Service

Pooper Scooper Service

We  provide Pooper Scooper service, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or when family comes to town. Prices vary.

Cozy Critters Dog Walking - Lori and one of her dogs

Dog Walking

Whether your at work or on vacation or if you can’t walk your dog, we can do it for you. Dog walking is our thing, we love to make your doggies happy. Woof Woof!

Pet Sitter Pricing – $35/DAY*

Pet Care Services include:

Pet Sitting And Home Care:

1-3  daily pet care visits to your home up to 30 minutes visit per day, give or take a little because each animals needs vary. We make sure your house pets are happy and comfortable and your  house sitting needs are done before we leave.

  • $25 per 1 visits per day.
  • $35 per 2 visit per day.
  • $45 per 3 visits per day.  Morning afternoon and night visit.
  • $55 OVERNIGHTS 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. (times vary, space is very limited)
  • No limit on house pets. These prices apply no matter if you have one dog or five dogs or a variety of  house pets.
  • Pet care first: play cuddle/time, short walk if no fence, feed, water, cat boxes, pooper scooping*, meds, pet taxi if needed.**
  • Taking cat or dog to the vet if needed ($12/one-way trip)***
  • Bring in mail & newspaper.
  • Light house-keeping.
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants.
  • We even take your trash to the curb.
  • We will send daily text updates if requested.
  • Watch for pictures of your pets on Cozy Critters Pet Sitters and Animal Care, Facebook

*pooper Scooping service fees may apply

Barnyard Pet Sitting/Pet Pitting/Home Care: 

  • $25 per 1 visits a day up to 20 barnyard Pets
  • $35 per 2 visits a day up to 20 barnyard Pets
  • $8 per stall cleaning once a day (must be prior cleaned)*
  • $2 per 2 times day per equine Blanketing/ Fly masks/fly spray

*Included with Pet/ house/farm sitting or separate charges will apply.

Dog Walking/Potty Break

  • 2 dogs $15 up to a 1 mile walk or 20 minute walks/potty break-playtime.
  • You supply the poop scoop bags, all dogs must be leash trained, weather permitting.

Potty Break/playtime if dog is not leash trained or dog walker feels there is a threat to themselves or dog. Always Safety first

Horse Walking

  • 1 horse $15 up to 20 minute walk- horse must lead well

Pooper Scooper

  • Up to 3 dogs $15.00/week for weekly maintenance.  $5.00 each additional dog.  Disposal fee of $5.00 if disposal is offsite & not in your own trash. To clarify, Pooper Scooping is not pet sitting. Price may vary depending on the size of the yard and dog.

House Sitting

  • $15.00 1 visit per day.
  • $25.00 2 visits  per day.
  • Bring in Mail newspaper, alternate lights, water indoor and outdoor plants, and gardens,  Garbage to curb.

Over Nights

  • $55 per night 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. times may vary
  • midday potty break/walk $15

Peace of Mind/On Call Pet sitting

  • $5.00 per day your gone

Its great to save money and have a friend or relative take care of your pets and home while you’re away.. what if something happens and they can’t? That’s where Cozy Critters comes in! At $5.00 a day while you’re gone we will be on call for your pets and home.  Regulars pet sitting  charges will apply when Cozy Critters takes over pet sitting duties.

Been in business 19 wonderful years, seems like yesterday that I started.

Member of Better Business Bureau.

Voted Best Pet Sitter Yakima County 2017,2018

Licensed Bonded and Insured

24 hour emergency service for my customers.

*  Some additional fees may be applied to distance, tasks or time to complete tasks

** Cat boxes, cages and aquariums must be cleaned prior to commencing or other charges might be incurred.

** All Prices are subject to change,

* time spent with pets vary per need of pet


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