Pet Sitter Services

When you need pet sitter services, our goal is to provide assurance and peace of mind to you when you are away from your pets.

We have a passion for all animals and believe in honoring your furry friends with the best pet services and care we have to offer.

Let us care for all of your pets and their needs while you’re away from home. We love and care for your pets like they are our own. We will always take care of the house needs too, bring in mail and paper, alternate lights open and close curtains, water indoor and out door plants, fill bird feeders, turn on TV and radio and even take your garbage out.

Cozy Critters - Dog Sitting, a beautiful golden retriever

Dog Sitting

When you’re away and you need some dependable dog sitting, we’re here to feed, cuddle, make playtime with your pup, & pick up poop. Who’s a good boy!? Who’s a good boy!?

Cozy Critters cat sitting - a kitten staring into the camera

Cat Sitting

When you need a Cat Sitter  We Play, Feed, change water, clean litter box, let kitties in or out if allowed outside.

Cats want to stay in the comforts of their home while you’re away.

Livestock - Two horses in the snow - Cozy Critters Animal Care Pet Sitting Service

Barnyard Sitting/Horse walking

We are experienced with all Barnyard pets. All God’s creatures need love and attention, We will take care of your whole farm pets while you’re away!

Fish in a tank - Cozy Critters exotic pet sitting

Exotic Pet Sitting

We are experienced with all types of Exotic pets, Reptiles, Birds, Rodents, Fish & Insects. Visit, Feed, change water, aquarium maintenance, clean cages.**

Pooper Scooper Service - Dog scooping his poop - Cozy Critters Animal Care Sitting Service

Pooper Scooper Service

We  provide Pooper Scooper service, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or when family comes to town. Prices vary.

Cozy Critters Dog Walking - Lori and one of her dogs

Dog Walking

Whether your at work or on vacation or if you can’t walk your dog, we can do it for you. Dog walking is our thing, we love to make your doggies happy. Woof Woof!