“Mommy I want a Puppy”

Is your Child hounding you for a puppy or some kind of pet? Or Maybe are you just needing the unconditional love of an Animal?  There are a few things to consider before taking on the responsibility of a pets life..

Whether it is a Puppy, Kitten, fish or horse they all need care , lots of attention and the cost of their lifetime..

Consider your lifestyle- If you are extremely busy you need to get a pet that will fit in with you and your family. Even if you and your family are extremely busy there is always an animal that can fit into your lifestyle. Perhaps a cat or kitten.. Cats are more independent, (except mine) and don’t mind staying home for long hours during the day.   If your heart is set on a dog consider an older shelter dog. If you are going to be gone long periods perhaps hire Cozy Critters to walk and socialize them during the day, I even do pooper scooping if you don’t have time.

Do you have Allergies? Please do your research on animals that are suitable for people with allergies. Its very heart breaking for your pet to have to leave the family they love. There are dogs and cats that are hypoallergenic, do your research and visit the breed before you decide.  Maybe a reptile-  Tortoises, Bearded dragons and Cornsnakes  enjoy being handled.


Small Pleasures

Parents of young kids 6-10 years  consider beta fish, bunny, gerbil, a guinea pig, chicken or a hamster. These interesting animals are non-aggressive and require minimal attention. Caged birds, Turtles and other reptiles are not good pets for younger children, because they are host to salmonella bacteria and require thorough hand-washing after every handling I would suggest the child be 10 or older if younger they must have adult supervision. BE CAUTIONED If a snake is over 4ft long please make sure there are two people when handling.  Be sure you learn about any animal’s traits before you buy it. You don’t want to learn by surprise, for instance, that hamsters are nocturnal. Please remind children that all animals can and will bite if they feel threatened. all kids should do research before owning a pet. There is also 4-H that is a great club for kids to join with pets.

If you decide your family is ready for a dog or a cat, assess your lifestyle. Does noise get on your neighbors’ nerves? Can you handle shedding? Remember that keeping a high-energy dog cooped up all day long is asking for trouble. And though cats fare better in tighter spaces, it’s typical for them to claw furniture or carpets.

For smaller pets such as hamsters, pet stores are a convenient source, but they can vary widely in the quality of the animals they sell. Make sure to check the well-being of the animals and the cleanliness of the cages some hamsters bite make sure its friendly before you buy it. To find a cat or a dog, try starting at an animal shelter. More than half the 8 to 12 million companion animals left in shelters each year are euthanized, so by choosing a shelter pet, you may save its life. Shelter specialists can help you select a pet with a good personality for kids.

If you have your heart set on a purebred dog or cat, remember that different breeds have different temperaments. The American Kennel Club’s Website provides information about purebred breeds, as does the American Cat Fanciers Association’s site.

Before you buy, ask the breeder for references. Charlie McCurdy and his wife, Maureen McGee, of Glenside, Pennsylvania, didn’t do this before they bought a pug for their 11-year-old twin daughters. Milo was soon found to have neurological problems. “The dog is sweet,” McCurdy says, “but I would do a more thorough check next time.” Always check vet records of dogs and cats parents, If one or both constantly have allergies then your pup will most likely have a lifetime of allergies as well. If the breeder is not willing to show you then please look elsewhere for a puppy.
Whether you purchase your animal from a breeder or a pet store, ask if you’ll be able to return the pet should problems surface, and be aware of the consumer-protection laws in your state. Then have a vet check the dog or cat within a few days.

I can assist you when picking out a pet for you and your family I have been in business for a long time and have cared for most all kinds of animals. feel free to call me.

Please make sure that your dog is well socialized with people and other dogs,  so that when you get to go on vacation you and your pet sitter will have a great time. I look forward to meeting you and your Pets!

Lori Blanchard