From: Armando Suarez <> Subject: Warning: you might be in the cross hairs of lawsuit
Message Body: I found something you might want to see.
This business got sued for the same problem that you have on your website.
I detect similar issues on your site but would need your permission to run a complete scan to find exactly what needs to be fixed to bring your site into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
There is no fee for this for scan, and I’ll provide a summary of changes that need to be made, also at no charge just text me your website at (619) 500-2853 or scan your free website report here:
Did you know that if your website is not ADA compliant, you risk fines of up to $100,000 for the first offense alone?
My hope is that you will be better prepared should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, and that this gesture would warm you to seriously consider making these changes.
Please don’t hesitate to text me at (619) 500-2853 if you have any questions.
Thanks & Regards, Armando Suarez

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