From: Neal Jefferis <> Subject: Completely Takeover Google & Bing Search Results Page.
Message Body: I noticed your website isn’t ranking well in the search results. We have the exclusive ability to have your company on Google’s autocomplete for any search term you want.
For example, if someone searches Personal injury lawyer Las Vegas then Google will autocomplete the search to Learner and Rowe (Our client). Or dentist San Antonio, Google will autocomplete the search to Stone Oak (Our Client)
This means you’ll – You’ll be taking over the search before users ever hit the search result (huge traffic) – Get insane branding > looks like Google recommends you.
This service is called Search-Box-Optimization (SBO), which we provide exclusively.
*Important – the search terms are exclusive, meaning once you own them, they are yours.
*Important – You Only Pay When We Get You In The Auto- Complete. “Pay For Results ONLY!”
You can see the magic of SBO in a video Here:

Regards, Neal

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