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Message Body: Hi there, I am Paola. Im a stay at home mom and i help promote only the best softwares products that have made my life easier as a business owner. Im hoping it can do the same for you.
Just to be honest and tranparent. I do get a small portion of the sales when and if you sign up.
Which cost your nothing extra but helps me keep doing what I love and being a stay at home mom.
I have nothing to sell you 🙂 With that out of the way, today i want you to look at gocharlie.
Gocharlie can help you create content for your social media accounts, write blogs with SEO in mind and even create images with a few clicks. Its easy, simple and extremely cost-effective use.!
Why should you use it, and what should you expect?
Take a moment to think of this scenario. -Imagine you had an assistant that helped you create social media content, create SEO optomized blogs, create ads or unique images for your posts? How much would that help you save money?
Oh dont know what to say? Dont worry, just as the AI writer to help come up with something slick to say in 3 clicks!
Its one of the most complete platforms to grow your network and social media on auto pilot. START IN 3 EASY STEPS • Step 1 – Pick your use case(More than 60+ to choose from) • Step 2 – Input Description • Step 3 – Fetch Content * Charlie Fetches customized and engaging content for you!
Moreover, they are unlimited monthly usage. No need to worry about credits or limits…If you dont like it, no worries… just cancel it. no questions asked…i asked for you 🙂
Check it out here:
Once you start using it, you will see the difference in how fast you scale your business.
PS: They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, Ventures and more as the one of a kind software for business owners!
Best of luck, -Paola

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