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Are you tired of fighting for the top spot on search results pages? Want to get ahead of your competition and increase your online visibility? Then you need our exclusive auto-complete service.
When you use our service, your company is seen before any of your competitors in auto-complete. This means that when potential customers start typing in their search query, your company will be the first thing they see. It’s like having a billboard right on their computer screen!
But that’s not all. When a customer selects your auto-completed keyword term with your company linked, it takes them to a search page that highlights your business’s online presence. And the better your online presence, the better you look. Our service also ensures that once you purchase a keyword phrase, no other business can purchase the same keyword phrase and location. It’s exclusive to you.
Not only does our service give you an edge over your competition, but it also has huge branding value. It looks like Google and Bing are recommending your business, which can lead to increased trust and credibility among potential customers.
And the best part? Our service is pay-for-performance. After the reservation fee, no further payments will be processed until one of your keywords is up in Bing or Google. Plus, you can see your own keyword phrases in your Google Analytics and be able to check the traffic generated by your keyword phrase on both Bing and Google.
We are exclusive resellers of this service, and you can only purchase it through us. So why wait? Get a free Facebook post for booking and going to a consultation.
Best regards, Stephanie

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