From: Shelia Darbonne <> Subject: To the Administrator!
Message Body: Hi, I have a client looking to pay you to place a blog post on your site with a link.
Actually, I get thousands of link orders a month (I represent Niche Ranker, you can Google it)
If you’re interested:
1. We supply the niche relevant blog post – This blog post will rank for keywords over time, driving more traffic to your website, a win-win.
2. We have thousands of regular buyers which will turn your website into a consistent stream of income.
3. If you’d like, you can give us an author account on the backend to automate everything (adding blogs ourselves as orders come in).
4. We pay you immediately after the blog post is added (Through paypal, wise, or something else if you prefer)
Please let me know if you’d be interested!
Matt Reply something along the lines of “opt out” to stop receiving messages from me.

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