From: Alla Kiroshka <> Subject: Get Your Custom Business Funding Plan
Message Body: Hi,
Not sure if this will help but I wanted to reach out and let you know that we’re providing a free Custom Business Funding Plan to business owners who want to know what their funding and credit options are.
Given the uncertainty of the economy and markets right now, we’ve had a lot of business owners wanting to know what are their options.
So to help, we decided to start putting together these custom plans so you know exactly what your options are for getting funding and credit for your business.
Here’s some of what your Custom Business Funding Plan will contain: ​​​​​​​☑️ What types of loans you could qualify for ☑️ What the average interest rates would be ☑️ How much you could qualify for ☑️ Available business lines of credit
Would you like me to put one together for you?
If so, click the link below to complete our short, 30-second funding questionnaire just answering a few basic questions about your business: >>
From there, I’ll review your answers and get back to you ASAP with your custom plan.
To your success,
Alla 312-500-6938

FYI: If you’re not interested in finding out about various biz funding options, kindly reply to this email with the words “No Thanks” and our database will be promptly updated.


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