From: Rosey Serle <> Subject: Search Box Optimization is so POWERFUL, It Rivals Pay Per Click Campaigns
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imagine having the power of a Google PPC campaign with an unlimited budget, but without the hassle, budget limitations, or competition that typically comes with it. That is how POWERFUL Search Box Optimization can be.
You can steal potential customers away from your competitors before they even reach page one of the search results for Google and Bing. We call this Search Box Optimization. Imagine your customers not even knowing your competition exists because they click on your business name right from the search box.
When you are in auto-complete, your company is seen before any of your competitors. The keyword phrase is a BILLBOARD to potential customers. You’re not fighting over search results, you’re getting the traffic before the users even hit the search result page. It looks like Google and Bing are recommending your business – huge branding value Google says 71% of all search engine users select an auto-complete / auto-suggested keyword.
When a customer selects your auto-completed (auto-suggested) keyword term with your company linked, it takes it to a search page that highlights your business’s online presence. It’s like a billboard taking over the entire page.
See the flyer here!
Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with us by texting or calling 702-213-5665. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you outperform your competitors.
Best regards, Rosey

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