From: Bernardo Palos <> Subject: You longer have to comband many apps or websites together to run your online business
Message Body: I noticed that you had an online business and are probably paying to much to market your online business and run it online, So I decided to submit a message in your contact form on your website to tell you about a new system that has it all..
You no longer have to combind many websites or apps together to run your business this new system called Systeme has it all ->
Systeme has an unimted plan which includes unlimited features like:
– Unlimited contacts – Unlimited emails sent – Unlimited sales funnels – Unlimited courses – Unlimited students – Unlimited custom domains – Unlimited A/B tests – Unlimited file storage space – Unlimited evergreen webinars – Unlimited blogs – Unlimited workflows – Unlimited Coupon code – Unlimited automation rules
I really believe in this new platform and for $97 a month it’s Magic and a great deal becuase other email marketing compines without all these features want to charge $3,000 to send emails alone or more.
Click the link to try ststeme ->
I dont want to spam. I just wanted to help out if you do not want me to contact your contact fourm send me a email with your domain name to “” and I will not contact you again From Bernardo Palos

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