From: Neal Thielen <> Subject: ERC Tax Credit For Impacted Businesses!
Message Body: Dear Business Owner:
Was your business affected by the pandemic like most of us?
If so, there is a program called ERC that allows us to claim up to $26,000 In tax credits per qualified W-2 employee.
It was passed as part of the CARES ACT in 2020 and was meant to assist the business owners with retaining employees.
Unfortunately, most business owners don’t know it exists which is why we are trying to get the word out.
The good news is that it’s pretty easy to qualify for and can result in a very significant check From the IRS.
If you’d like to find out if your business qualifies, click the link below to complete our short ERC Questionnaire and we will reach out to discuss options.
Thanks Neal ERTC Specialist

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