From: Katrina Rios <> Subject: One off task fixed wordpress issue past, Mysitemaintenance
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My name is Kat, and I’ve been working for a company called MySiteMaintenance, Our expertise is to Fix, Host, & Maintain WordPress Websites. We do this by providing the latest security patches to clients that have been hacked or want to avoid being hacked in the future.
MySiteMaintenance is a company that provide instant WordPress technical support, bespoke web hosting & expert management for thousands of WordPress websites. Today, we are performing one off task on any websites, any task. I was wondering if you have a site problem that needs to be fixed right away?
If you are interested or wanted to learn more about one off task, jumped straight to hover to pricing and see the different packages we are offering. Special 10% discount if you purchase, just use code: APP10
Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
Katrina Rios
Website Protector
1. If you need an expert to take care of your site check out our different pricing option, just visit
2. If you are interested, click the link or reply with the number 2 in the message subject and we we will get back to you.
3. If you are interested, but not yet, please reply to this message with the number 3 in the subject line, and we will contact you again in three months.
4. Finally, if you are not interested, please either click this link to opt out, or reply to this message with the number 4 in the subject line.
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