From: Luke McMahon <> Subject: Funding Opportunity
Message Body: Hi,
My name is Luke, I work with Bottom Line Savings.
I’m looking to take 10 minutes of your time to speak about the possibility of government funding qualification.
If you are in the business for more than 2 years, then your business might qualify for it. This isn’t a loan – you don’t have to pay it back. We are the #1 ERC company in the country that will guide you through the claiming process, from beginning to end, including proper documentation.
Bottom Line Savings has successfully processed over 12,000 claims generating over 2.2 billion in reclaimed funds and on average, are getting businesses $10,000 per full-time W-2 employee.
Feel free to check the website, or to reach back to me via email or phone: 646-480-0397
Kind Regards,
Luke McMahon, Bottom Line Savings, INC 5000



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