From: Lori Maloney <> Subject: Pet Sitting
Message Body: Hi there, I’m hoping to get a quote for pet sitting. We are going on a trip for 4 days, and we need someone to let our 7-year-old long-haired miniature dachshund out to go potty (not fenced backyard) and to check on his food and water. We were hoping for someone to come by 3 times, early morning, afternoon, and evening. I also wanted to inquire about the overnight service I know it says limited, just want to know what all that entails? Here is what we are needing with the days we will be gone… Fri, Nov 4th would just need twice, afternoon and evening. Sat, Nov 5th would be the 3 times. Sun, Nov 6th would be the 3 times. Mon, Nov 7th would just be once, early morning.
Thank you! Lori Maloney 509-945-7596

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