From: Roderick Loewenthal <> Subject: Top 4 Businesses To Run This Year
Message Body: I’m about to do something that is a bit taboo in the online business space.
I’m going to allow you access to a 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge where you will actually see the top 4 online business models to run this year.
Our team does a lot of research and development to ensure our business is a success.
So, if you’re up for the challenge and have a few minutes to watch a short video then…
…pay close attention to this:
Click here to watch the short video.
This video is extremely powerful and (if you act on it) can change your life, starting today…
Even if you’ve got no experience with online business or have failed trying other things in the past.
It’s newbie friendly.
Simple to understand.
You’re going to love it.
Watch the video right away.
Then take immediate action on what you learn!

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