From: Alex Spencer <> Subject: EXACT $225m Online Formula
Message Body: Today could be the day where absolutely everything changes for you.
Big claim?
Let me back it up…
Today, I want to share with you a video (and a person) that really turned things around for me.
In a time where many “gurus” are out there pitching their next “ecom miracle” or “dropshipping goldmine…”
This is a massive breath of fresh air.
I went from:
– Distracted & unfocused – Feeling misguided, cheated, and hung out to dry – Self-doubting and unsure of my future
To feeling:
– Confident and sure about my future – Welcomed to a new team culture that was positive and affirming – Focused with my eye on the prize every. single. day.
What did it? What could create that type of transformation in a single video?
CLick here
Watch the entire video and take action on what you learn!

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