From: Latisha Iverson <> Subject: PPP loan alternative for business owners impacted by the Pandemic (Free money from Unlce Sam..not a loan)
Message Body: Program Highlights:
· Up to $26,000 Per Employee (Get up to a 7 Figure check from the IRS)
· Part of the CARES ACT (You will be paid by the IRS not the SBA)
· Qualify with decreased revenue or Any Covid event (i.e was closed for 1 day)
· No limit on funding (ERC is not a loan)
· IRS will mail a check (You do not need to pay this back)

Qualification requirement:
· Minimum 1 W2 employee
· In business before March. 2020
· You could qualify if the pandemic adversely affected your business
· You can qualify for other qualifying events outside of decreased revenue

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