From: Chris Nichols <> Subject: [Important] Business Owners Are Entitled to Significant Cash Rebates Due To Amendment to CARES Act In 2022!
Message Body: I noticed you haven’t received your ERTC tax rebate yet.
We would like to volunteer our time to help you out with this by providing a free $497 assessment* so you can find out what you qualify for.
ERTC rebate rules changed in February of 2021 witth the update to the CARES Act and we are giving our time to help business owners navigate that.
We get business owners, on average, $140,000 when their CPAs say they dont qualify. This is by far the highest in the nation. Most CPAs are busy with everything else and are not aware of this, or don’t want to deal with it because of the work involved.
It takes less than 30 minutes of your time, and between 3 to 5 days of our time. We hope you will amend your taxes for this rebate through us, but there is no commitment or obligation on your end.
ERTC Express is the top ERTC filing firm in the nation with over 7,000 clients, 2,000 agents and over $1 BILLION in rebates found to date. We know what we are doing!
You can go to my agent website at and begin the assessment by filling out 9 boxes in 2 minutes, as well as get all the information about this rebate and amendment.
You can text me at 801-639-9064 or we can get on the phone if you would like. I will help you along the way. You will also receive a call from your own relationship manager who will call you within an hour of filling out the first 9 boxes at
Hope to talk with you today or tomorrow.
Chris Nichols text or call 801-639-9064
*the free $497 assessment is for businesses with at least 5 full-time W-2 employees

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