From: Anna Wilson <> Subject: Re : Web errors
Message Body: Hi,
I am Anna, reaching out because…
We’d like to inform you a very important issue regarding your website which is the reason why you are losing lots of traffic.
Your website is great in terms of design and content. However, it doesn’t follow Search Engine Guidelines. So, it has a very low visibility in search results.
We’ve done a thorough SEO audit of your website, and found that it has a big potential to generate more revenue than what it might be earning at the present. And yes, we have generated a report for the same as well.
We’d be glad to share the SEO audit report with you so that you can check it yourself and find out what should be done to make it SEO friendly.
Please let me know your thoughts, I’d be happy to share our profile/past work and client testimonials.
Looking forward to your reply.
Regards, Anna (SEO consultants)

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